KT Tutor's Corner aims to inspire students with a love of learning by providing English lessons that are engaging, exciting, and relevant to their lives. To have fun while learning, develop the skills and attitudes to increase the knowledge and academic independence of the students. And to create visible change in their lives, be it cognitive, social, or personal.

Meet Your Teacher


Hi! My name is Karen from the Philippines. Graduated Bachelor of Science in Development Communication, majoring in Educational Communication last 2014. I worked as a Customer Service Representative for almost three (3) years, and we provide services through a call to clients located in the U.S.A.

I’ve been teaching English to Chinese and Vietnamese students for five years. I am a Certificate holder for Teaching English of Speakers to Other Languages (TESOL), Foundations of TESOL, and Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL).


How I can help in the lesson:

✅ Find out what areas you struggled with and close the gap in that area.

✅ Prepare for job interviews.

✅ Boost your confidence and improve your vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills by doing exciting activities.

✅ Practice your pronunciation and grammar.


Per Lesson

  • RMB 20 / Lesson
  • 1 Lesson
  • 25 Minutes / Lesson
  • Lesson Material Access

Package 1

  • RMB 20 / Lesson
  • 30 Lessons
  • 25 Minutes / Lesson
  • Lesson Material Access

Package 2

  • RMB 20 / Lesson
  • 40 Lessons
  • 25 Minutes / Lesson
  • Lesson Material Access

Package 3

  • RMB 20 / Lesson
  • 50 Lessons
  • 25 Minutes/Lesson
  • Lesson Material Access


✅ We will use Zoom or VooV Tencent App to have a Video lesson (Please download the app)

✅ We use WeChat as a way of communication (My Wechat ID: kharen9415)

✅ Schedule is based on the availability of the student and the teacher

✅ The materials for the lesson will be given to the student when the lesson schedule starts.

✅ 30 minutes per lesson


👉 Use Paypal App to make a payment

(Download Paypal App in Appstore or Playstore)

👉 Make a payment before the lessons (Based on the package you choose)

👉 Send the payment to my Paypal email account:


Cancellation Policy

Once you have enrolled and started the lessons, there will be no refund for the payment made for the remaining paid classes if you have decided to cancel.

Process to make a payment using PayPal

After you download the Paypal App, setup your Paypal account

Five (5) easy steps to send payment in PayPal

1. First, go to your Paypal account, and click the "send" button to send money.

2. Next, enter the name, username or Email of the person who will receive the payment then click "next".

3. Then, enter the amount you will send, usually in dollar currency if the local currency is not available, and click "Next"

4. Click and choose the option.

5. Lastly, choose "Friends and Family. In this option, the receiver can get the money right away. And possibly can't have any charge to receive money. Then click "Send".

And you can receive a notification or confirmation that you sent money.


*I’m looking forward to giving you a better service, and I’m excited to see you learn and improve your English. See you!


WeChat: kharen9415

Email: tamagoskaren@gmail.com